Vienne Valley Tuberose (Vienna):

Pattern: Seal point with white bi-color

Our beautiful girl with a kind, gentle character. Individualistic, but at the same time a very affectionate cat. She is a wonderful mother for children. Vienna, at the time of arrival to us, had the title of the “Best Baby Face”. And very deservedly so. She has an incredibly beautiful face, a fluffy rabbit fur coat. She is the beauty of our cattery.

Becky Sharp Valley Tuberose (Bianca):

Pattern: Bi-color

She is a beautiful and very affectionate girl, a true companion and friend. She will unobtrusively follow you. She gets along well with all other animals in the family. Intelligent and charming, she came to us together with Vienna from the very famous Valley Tuberose nursery and became part of our family.


Ariel Maryabell (Ariel):

Pattern: Seal point mitted

This is a real pearl of our cattery. The cat is a queen with a beautiful, classic appearance and the same temperamental character. Dhe is very affectionate with people and gets along well with other animals. She also came to us from the Valley Tuberose cattery. When she came to us, she already had many titles, including a championship title in Russia.

Bajka Maszkotka*PL (Bobby):

Pattern: Seal bi-color

This is an extraordinarily beautiful cat with bright blue eyes. She is gentle and very affectionate. She came to us from a very famous European cattery Maszkotka Pl. She needs attention and love, and she will return them to you a hundredfold.

All cats have been tested and are negative for PKD and HCM health issues.