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We are a small Ragdoll cattery. Our cattery is called Silk and Joy

We love and take care of our cats; they are full members of our family. We are for humane principles in breeding. We do not use cages in raising our animals.

We carefully chose our studs, all of them were purchased from well-known catteries with a good reputation. Our cats meet all breed requirements.

Our goal is to preserve and improve this wonderful breed, getting kittens that fully meet the breed standard, are affectionate and have good health. We pay great attention to the health of kittens and parents, all our pets are examined before being allowed to breed, our producers are tested for genetic and the most dangerous and common diseases, so our kittens are obtained from “pure” lines. So, if you want to buy a ragdoll cat, then with us you can be sure of her health! We also do our best to protect against various diseases, so we vaccinate babies against all possible diseases with the most modern and expanded vaccination scheme.

Our prices are extremely reasonable, intended to make sure our kittens are going to the best homes.

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